HVAC Online Helps Professionals Find the TECO, Replacement Parts They Need

TECO is one of the most trusted names in the HVAC industry, with applications ranging from home appliances to mining equipment. HVAC Online is a major supplier of TECO motors for HVAC companies and independent technicians.

TECO electric motors are known the world over for their high efficiency, reliability, high performance, and low maintenance. They’re an industry standard, with industrial motors ranging from 0.25 kW to 75,000 kW. Clients can select from low voltage, high voltage, and variable speed options, depending upon the application. HVAC Online has a variety of replacement motors ranging from 0.37 kW to 18.5 kW.

The availability of parts for the HVAC industry has reportedly returned to a somewhat normal condition. However, many HVAC businesses and independent operators are still finding it difficult to obtain the TECO motors they need, or even a suitable replacement. Costs have also increased significantly. That’s not a problem for HVAC Online clients. The company sources parts from multiple overseas suppliers.

Another part that seems to be in short supply for many professionals is a condensor fan motor for outdoor systems. The essential component is responsible for maintaining the cooling process. If a client can’t find what they’re looking for or the exact part number, they can submit a photo and the professionals at HVAC will help identify a suitable replacement.

Many HVAC professionals are finding that conducting business with an online company is preferable to placing orders through pre-pandemic channels, only to discover parts are back ordered or completely unavailable. Sourcing parts from an online-only resource frees companies from the need to maintain extensive stock on-hand and provides significant savings.

HVAC Online is a completely online business, allowing savings to be passed on to clients. The company prides itself on fast deliveries, easy returns and multiple payment options. Individuals that enter a valid ABN during checkout receive a 10 percent discount statewide.

About HVAC Online

At HVAC Online, we supply Australia’s largest range of online distributed HVAC components, including exhaust fans, electric motors, high-efficiency fan products, industrial motors, kitchen exhausts and many others. Our range includes many of the global leaders in HVAC and refrigeration components including ebm-papst, Ziehl Abegg, CMG Electric Motors, Torin Industries, Nicotra-Gebhardt, Rosenberg Fans, Lafert Electric Motors, Fischbach, Multiwing, Comefri, Sinko and more.