HVAC corporations see improve in house indoor air high quality enhancements

MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) – With more time being spent at home during the pandemic, many people want to make sure they are comfortable.

Many people focus on improving indoor air quality. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies take note of this.

Harker Heating and Cooling in Madison says they have seen a surge in homeowner business. The company reports that more people want to not only do repairs, but also update and improve their indoor air quality.

“I think in residential replacements, we’ve probably seen a 10-15 percent increase in homeowners looking to replace appliances,” said Marcus Nelson, President & CEO of Harker Heating and Cooling Inc. “This year in particular, they don’t want to just make repairs, but also update and improve your HVAC system. “

According to the company, humidifiers, UV light and bipolar ionization devices are currently among the most popular products. Nelson said demand could become an issue in the supply chain as the prices of raw materials and equipment in general rise.

“The sooner you can get into your system and update it, the better you will be. You’ll save money in the long run, ”said Nelson.

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