How To Repair Netherite Tools

After a long hard grinding for resources, you begin to see your netherite pickaxe durability depleting, and you are worried it will vanish. After all, it is one of the rarest items to obtain in Minecraft.

Netherite was first added in the 1.16 version of Minecraft. Diamond tools were the most durable and sturdy before the introduction of netherite, so it’s an item to preserve for a long time. 

To craft netherite, you need an essential item you can find in the nether world. If you are ready to enter the most dangerous realm full of lava, then I will guide you from mining ancient debris to crafting and repairing Netherite tools.   

How to Repair Netherite Tools?

Netherite tools are now the most powerful items in Minecraft. It includes many features that make the netherite tools better than diamond tools. However, you need diamonds to craft netherite tools, weapons, and armors.

If you are excited to craft netherite tools, you must have some netherite ingots on your inventory. If you have the necessary items, you can jump straight to how to repair netherite tools. If you don’t, here is the list of items you need in order to craft netherite tools.

Items Needed to Craft Netherite Tools

To craft Netherite tools, you will need an essential item, Netherite Scrap. Netherite Scrap can be obtained by smelting ancient debris, a rare block only found in the depths of the Nether world. 

Here’s what you need to craft netherite tools if you have some ancient debris in your inventory. 

Blast Furnace

Ancient debris takes more time than usual while smelting. Blast furnaces are faster and more efficient in smelting Ancient debris into netherite Scrap.

Gold Ingots

Gold ingots into netherite ingot

You will need four ancient debris and four gold to create one netherite ingot. 

Diamond Tools

Diamond tools are the most important as they are needed to transform netherite ingots into netherite tools. 

Smithing Table


It is used to craft diamond tools into nether tools. Further updates might change the rule of crafting netherite items, but right now, the smithing table is the only workbench where you can craft diamond tools into netherite. It takes two iron ingots on top and four blocks of wood to craft a smithing table.



It is used to repair and name netherite tools. Anvil is the only option in Minecraft to repair netherite tools without disenchanting them. To craft Anvil, you will need three iron blocks and four iron ingots.



One major advantage of grindstone over Anvil is it does not cost any experience points to repair tools. Grindstone is crafted with two sticks, one stone slab, and two wood blocks.

How Do I Repair Netherite Tools?

This may surprise you, but you need two used netherite tools to convert into one brand new tool. You could use nether ingots in the previous update, but it is not possible in the latest update.

You can use Anvil or grindstone to repair it. Remember that the grinding tool will also disenchant your enchanted tools.

To Repair Netherite Tools


You need two used netherite tools of the same properties to repair them into one. You cannot put one pickaxe and one shovel to repair them into one. Remember to craft the same item twice. Once you have used the netherite tools enough, store them in a chest and craft another same netherite tool. 

To Craft Nether Ingots

crafting-Netherite ingot

Place four gold ingots in an L shape inside the crafting table sloth, empty in the middle. It will show the netherite ingot in your crafting recipe if done right. 

To Craft Netherite Tools


Place your diamond tools anywhere in the crafting table sloth and place one netherite ingot in any empty sloth of the crafting table. The diamond tool will then turn into netherite tools. 

Once the durability of a netherite tool decreases in half, you can use either Anvil, which will cost two experience points to craft but keeps and combines the enchantment of two netherite tools. Or you can use grindstone that won’t cost you any experience points but disenchants your netherite tools. 

Alternate Way to Repair Netherite Tools

I believe this is the most efficient way to repair netherite tools. It is to cast your tools with mending enchantment. You can obtain an enchantment book by trading with a librarian, inside the chest loot, or fishing.

You can also use an enchanting table, but you must reach level 30 to unlock mending to any tools. Make sure to store some lapis lazuli in your inventory because every enchantment will cost you some Lapis Lazuli. 

Increase Tools Durability of Netherite Tools


If you wish to work with netherite tools for a long time, the unbreakable enchantment will help you do so. At some point of excessive use, you will need to use repair tools, but having unbreakable enchantment level 3 will last four times the normal durability. 

The durability of the netherite tool is 2032, and applying unbreakable III will increase its durability up to 8128. 

If you are level 30, I suggest you use both mending and unbreakable enchantment to make your strongest tool last forever.

Additional Properties of Neitherite Tools, Weapons, and Armor

Some of the unique features of netherite are. 

  • It is resistant to lava. It does not burn and floats when thrown in lava.
  • It’s unbreakable by explosion except for the blast of blue wither skulls.
  • Diamond tools have durability points of 1561, While netherite has 2031 with 470 more durable points than diamond tools.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you destroy a netherite block with a TNT blast?

Unlike other blocks the TNT blast can destroy, the netherite block is indestructible to the TNT explosion.

Is netherite armor fireproof and lava proof?

Yes, neither tied armors do not burn when thrown in lava. However, you will take burn damage if you jump wearing netherite armor. Nethertie items only protect themselves against lava.

Does bed explosion break ancient debris?

Exploding beds near ancient debris do not break ancient debris blocks. You can use the bed to your advantage and mine ancient debris.