How HVAC solutions can help reduce your electricity usage

It’s that time of year – when we start looking forward to the holidays. Elaborate trips, out-of-the-ordinary treats, and gift-giving all come to mind. And with all these fun things comes additional spending that can put quite the strain on your finances if not closely monitored.  

Luckily, there are quite a few solutions to help you save a couple of rands, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) being one of them. It’s as simple as swapping out old energy-consuming solutions for new, innovative systems.

LG Electronics, known for their reliable HVAC products, not only promises healthier, more comfortable living and working environments but also a decrease in electricity consumption – meaning more money in your pocket for other things.

Picking an optimised HVAC system

The amount of electricity air-conditioning systems use depends on the cooling load. LG’s HVAC systems have been specially designed to optimise airflow and ventilation, becoming more energy efficient as a result. This is thanks to the innovative built-in compressors and water-cooled condensers that help the systems run more efficiently and allow better management of energy usage and cost savings.

Busting common HVAC-related myths  

One thing to note here is that turning off your HVAC system doesn’t mean it will necessarily save you electricity – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. HVAC systems are better at maintaining temperatures than they are at starting from nothing. Keeping a constant temperature is more cost-efficient as the system doesn’t need to work overtime to reach the desired temperature. 

Another common myth lies in turning the heat or cold way up, thinking that it will spew the desired temperature quicker. Not true. While you might feel the rush of air, it actually takes the same amount of time to heat or cool your space – it all depends on the current temperature of the room.

Using HVAC to save on water heating

When we look at the stats, it’s pretty clear that water heating is one of the main culprits of increased electricity bills. It’s estimated that a massive 18% of your home’s energy usage comes from water heating. So, what can be done to save on your water-heating costs?

While summer is generally hot, we sometimes get chilly, rainy days when snuggling up under a blanket simply doesn’t cut it. Instead of heating up the place, set your AC to dispel room temperature air. For one, it won’t be as stuffy, and secondly, you are less likely to get sick from cold air outside when opening the front door for the food delivery service.

Being more mindful of water waste

Likewise, we are all guilty of using too much hot water in our daily lives. From hot showers to leaving the water running when you’re washing dishes, we’ve all been there, and these habits of wasting hot water add up. It’s time to become more aware. Wash clothes with cold water and hang them out to dry in the sun, switch off the tap when brushing your teeth and washing dishes, and invest in appliances that allow you to manage their heat settings. 

HVAC solutions have come a long way in the past decades. We are now able to save more energy without really thinking about it. Electronic companies like LG are paving the way for HVAC, offering more environmentally sustainable, cost-saving solutions and, ultimately, a more comfortable way to work and live.

For more on LG’s innovative HVAC solutions for different business environments, visit the LG website.