Going on a Furnace Hunt With Barron’s Pay Back Program

Submitted by Barron Heating & Air Conditioning

A fine wine, your favorite jeans, a drop-top Chevy…so many things get better with age. Unfortunately, your furnace isn’t one of them. From inefficiencies to unexpected repairs, if your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it’s likely costing you money.

The efficiency of your furnace is measured by Annual Fuel
Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE. While it doesn’t account for energy loss due
to duct work, improper or dirty filters, or other common HVAC challenges, AFUE rates
the performance of the heating and cooling equipment itself. If your furnace
has an AFUE of 90%, for example, that means that 90% of the energy derived from
fuel (that you’re paying for!) is converted to heat for your home. Older, lower-efficiency
systems can see AFUEs as low as 56%—proving how your dated unit can be hurting
more than just your “cool” factor (energy.gov).

Photo courtesy Barron Heating

Safety can also be a concern with older equipment. Like all
fuel-powered systems, furnaces that are not well maintained run the risk of becoming
a fire hazard or leaking fumes into your home—malfunctions that could be
disastrous for you and your family. And while this impresses the importance of
routine maintenance for all ages of equipment, it’s also a reminder that your
neglected unit might need more than just a pat on the back for working so hard
all these years.

But while there’s no shame in being classic, hanging onto
your “stuck in the past” equipment may finally be paying off. Now through
February 28, we’re rolling out a Pay Back Program at Barron Heating AC Electrical &
Plumbing. Whether you’re housing a dinosaur in the garage that somehow
keeps chugging along, or if you’ve just been dreaming of a more efficient unit
for your home, Barron is offering up to $1,500 in savings when you upgrade to a
new, high-efficiency furnace. This offer combined with incentives and rebates
makes for an ideal time to invest in your home.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re going on a furnace
hunt…for the OLDEST unit in our community! An avocado green beauty from 1973…a well-loved
relic from the 80s…these wonders may be obsolete, but have certainly caught the
attention (and fascination!) of our techs in recent homes. Our team has seen it
all, but we can’t wait to hear from you! Barron is giving away FREE AIR
CONDITIONING to the owner of the oldest operating furnace we can find (whether
you’re a Barron customer or not!). And another lucky customer will win FREE AC just
for participating in the Pay Back Program—all furnace purchases until the end
of February will be automatically entered.

Sound great?! We sure think so. With up to $1,500 in
savings, Barron’s
Pay Back Program makes now the perfect time to replace your old equipment
and enjoy the modern comfort and energy savings of 2023. And with TWO WINNERS
of free air conditioning, including the proud owner of the oldest furnace, we
couldn’t be more excited to kick off our pre-season of air conditioning to prep
for the seasons ahead. Visit barronheating.com
for full details and give us a call today! We can’t wait to transform your
home. As your Pacific Northwest home and building
performance experts since 1972, we stand by Our Mission: Improving Lives™.

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