Garland nonprofit donates $50,000 to town’s emergency house restore program

Freezing temperatures caused costly damage to homes in Texas during February’s winter storms. Burst pipes, collapsed ceilings, and broken HVAC systems were the most commonly reported problems across the state.

But Garland Housing Finance Corporation, a nonprofit that funds low- to middle-income families, wants to help.

On Friday, February 26, the Garland City Organization gave $ 50,000 to its home repair emergency program. The city plans to use the money for repairs like frozen pipes, HVAC, and electrical repairs.

Households with the following income levels can apply for the emergency program:

  • 1 person: USD 48,300
  • 2 people: $ 55,200
  • 3 people: $ 62,100
  • 4 people: USD 68,950
  • 5 people: $ 74,500
  • 6 people: $ 80,000
  • 7 people: $ 85,500
  • 8 people: $ 91,050

Those who are eligible can apply by calling 972-205-2130.

In a Facebook post, the nonprofit said it was “excited” to help Garland families.

“So far, many citizens have donated time and energy to ease the pain of residents of this great city who are suffering from the effects of the recent weather disaster,” the organization added.