Gamertsfelder Hall to undergo restroom, air conditioning renovations

Ohio University’s Gamertsfelder Hall, located on East Green, will undergo renovations during the 2022-23 academic year. The project was approved for $10.75 million.

Construction will begin the last week of May and is expected to end in May 2023, said Jim Sabin, an OU spokesperson. The renovations will replace failing plumbing systems, upgrade HVAC systems and update the restrooms. 

The windows in both Gamertsfelder Hall and Washington Hall, also located on East Green, will be replaced, which will cost OU an additional $3.3 million. 

The project was designed during fall 2017, but was delayed and later canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, said Jon Cozad, executive director of design and construction. In October 2021, the project was approved and is now a part of the university’s capital improvement plan, he said. 

“This project will put Gamertsfelder onto the chilled water loop and remove the window air conditioners, as well as mechanical equipment in each room to control the temperature,” Cozad said in an email. 

Next academic year, 261 beds in Gamertsfelder will be unavailable due to renovations. However, OU is familiar with the process as renovations are conducted regularly to ensure residence halls “run smoothly” for the next academic year, Johnna Matulja, director for business operations of housing and residence life, said. 

“This is something we do, it seems like, every couple of years,” Sabin said. “It’s not unusual to have a hall offline for a year.”

Typically, OU has to make up for the lack of housing by adjusting around 250 and 350 “beds” or spaces for students to live, Matulja said. 

To provide more housing for students next year, OU is making singles available in Dougan House, located on South Green, Matulja said. 

The university is also making quads available again in the Convocation Center, located on West Green, and McKinnon Hall, Crawford Hall and Pickering Hall, all located on South Green.