Galesburg Council approves $550,000 mortgage for library HVAC system

Galesburg City Council approved a $ 550,000 advance on Monday for the Galesburg Public Library to replace the HVAC system in the building they are currently in.
City administrator Todd Thompson says the purchase is necessary, although the library hopes to open in a new building in 2023.

“While we got good news that the new library grant has been granted, they will still be there long enough and the system is in poor condition that it will need to be replaced,” says Thompson.

The advance must be repaid over 10 years with 2 percent interest in the first 5 years and 2.5 percent thereafter.

The library announced Monday that it had been approved for the $ 15 million grant to build a new library on the corner of West Main Street and Academy Street.

Galesburg Public Library Director Noelle Thompson has told WGIL that potential buyers have been approached before, but a few years ago. She notes that it is in a good location, near the Knox County Town Hall and Courthouse.