Furnace Town Prepares for Renovations After Vandalism

SNOW HILL, Md- The furnace town historic site says they won’t let vandalism keep them down. The site was forced to close after being vandalized, but the site’s director says they have just received their damage assessment and can begin to repair the damage. The assessment found the vandalism caused over 100,000 dollars in damage.

With that figure, the site can now begin renovations and repairs to windows, antique woodwork, and the church facade.

Furnace Town Director Claudia Nagle tells us finding the right set of hands for this work was a challenge but they’re confident they’ve found the right person.

“We have been able to find some folks locally that have the skillset and are able to work with us to that restoration in a way that we can afford to have it done to period so we are very excited and very grateful to the community for their care and support,” she said.

She tells us she is particularly grateful for a GoFundMe set up by the community for the site. She tells us the money raised will help them to pay for repairs and upgrades not covered by their insurance claim on the property.

Construction is expected to kick off at the end of the month, with the site projected to be ready for opening day in April.