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From Diane Schabo, Iron Mountain:

The past cold spell has really taken a toll on me. More so than just below zero temperatures but the fact my furnace decided to take a vacation leaving me at the mercy of Mother Nature and Jack Frost. After a call to DTE’s Protection Plan representative, a service man was dispatched to my home early last Saturday morning. Upon inspecting my furnace, I was told it appeared to be in good working order but the DTE repairman, Wes Poupore, gave me his name and phone number just in case I encountered more trouble.

That night I had the same situation arise. I called Wes who came right over again and this time he thoroughly went through my furnace’s entire mechanism. What he found were three problem parts which had to be replaced. With the state of our country, most of us are aware that trying to get repair parts for just about anything is near impossible. Wes called all over God’s half-acre to try and find the needed parts. For the next three days he worked tirelessly on my furnace. He even tried to help me by bringing in a couple of portable heaters. However, with below zero temperatures that was like trying to warm my hands over a candle and Wes had it even worse because he was in my basement. Eventually, he was able to repair my furnace which was like an act of God; a miracle!

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to this awesome DTE employee who I felt went over and above and still had a smile. I don’t know whether it’s because of the pandemic or the fact people have just become more hateful but we need to take a deep breath and thank God for what we do have. Having no heat for four days was just a blip on my radar compared to what other people are going through. However, having such a caring employee work tirelessly made me realize just how good people are.

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