Furnace-like Conditions Bring Back Heat Advisory for Sunday & Monday

SAN ANGELO – Afternoon high temperatures will soar above 100 degrees again Sunday and Monday and combine with winds and humidity to create dangerously hot conditions as the near record summer heat wave continues. 

The National Weather Service office in San Angelo has issued Heat Advisories for Sunday and Monday afternoons from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m each day which will likely be extended through the week again as the summer sun is predicted to bake the area with even higher temperatures.  Expect highs Sunday and Monday near 103 degrees spread across all of West Texas.  

The Heat Advisories could be upgraded to Excessive Heat Warnings if conditions deteriorate. 

A Heat Advisory means conditions exist that increase the likelihood of heat related illnesses.  

By now, most residents are familiar with the drill; drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids take frequent breaks in the shade if possible, know the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses, wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing, avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible and wear plenty of sunscreen if you are going to be outside in the sun for prolonged periods of time.  

Please check on vulnerable friends and neighbors and make sure all outdoor pets have plenty of shade and fresh water.  It is now illegal to chain a dog outside in Texas.

And never, ever, ever leave a child or a pet locked in a hot car.  If you think that’s ok, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have either. 

Meteorologists say this relentless heat wave will continue across West Texas throughout the week and will intensify so Head Advisories will be in effect most afternoons unless the temps rise even higher, in which case expect Excessive Heat Warnings to be issues.  The 100+ degree days are expected to continue through at least the end of July.