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Davenport, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Davenport, Iowa –

Davenport, IA based Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC is pleased to inform their community that their furnace repair and installation services will always be available during the winter months and beyond. The company advises customers not to hesitate to get in touch if their furnace suffers a breakdown.

Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC will dispatch a team immediately to look for the source of the fault and promptly implement an affordable solution. According to an article the company published, they also provide an estimate for all parts and labor for free. In this case, customers need only inform the company that they are looking for a free furnace quote when they make contact.

While the spring season is around the corner, Davenport residents know that it may still take some time for their homes to warm up as well. The weather may be more favorable for outdoor excursions during this time, but many will prefer to have their homes at a cozier temperature, especially at night. As such, the company reassures their community that they have taken every measure to ensure their team will be available in the event of a breakdown or any other emergency. Notably, customers should be aware that the company provides an array of plumbing services throughout the year as well, so they are welcome to request an inspection or any other service at the same time during an upcoming visit regarding furnace issues.

Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC is able to tackle virtually any furnace problem a customer may have, and their team is familiar with every make, model and type of furnace (or heater) in the area. Regardless of whether a customer’s home is heated via oil, gas, propane, electric or even geothermal energy, the company is familiar with the systems involved and can provide a professional repair service. It is recommended that homeowners and other customers inquire after the company’s furnace preventative maintenance plans. In addition to an annual furnace inspection, they will receive no after hours or weekend fees as a service partner.

According to a news article from Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC, they offer affordable financing options via their partner, GreenSky, as well. This applies to each of their heating, cooling and plumbing services, and there is an option to combine all maintenance programs into a single package.

A Google review from customer Barb D. illustrates how the company approaches each job. “From the estimate with Bill to the installation and clean up with Jeff and Nate,” the review explains, “we couldn’t have asked for better customer service. Bill personally came out to our home not once, but twice to answer numerous questions. He took the time to not only listen to us but answered every question we had. Northwest called while they were en route with an ETA, and they arrived promptly. They not only introduced themselves but walked us through everything they were doing for the day and answered all questions right down to the littlest details.”

The company states that they understand homeowners are quite protective of their homes, with good reason. In order to accommodate this and lay any concerns to rest, each of their contractors will have a frank conversation with the customer regarding the work that has to be done. The company considers it vital to maintain a high standard of customer service even while the project in question is underway. As the review goes on to say, “Jeff and Nate have so much patience and not one single thing was left out. They completed the install within the time they had stated, and the clean up was super. After they were completed, Jeff and Nate performed a final walkthrough where he listened to us and answered every thing we had questions for. We can tell they enjoy their career by the way we were treated and their enthusiasm. I no longer will ever have to find another heating and air company because we will only use Northwest in the future. Thank you for your top notch customer service, workmanship and patience with us. We appreciate all you did for us.”

Northwest Plumbing Heating & AC invites customers to contact Bill Durand of Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC for more information. Additionally, visitors to the website may wish to inquire about ‘The Deal of the Month’ for attractive offers and more.


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