Food and air conditioning in the village are making athletes sick

I can not believe that it. It really is pretty much time for me to at last compete in these Olympics and the foodstuff and air conditioning in the Olympic Village designed me ill.

The selection in the cafeteria is unbelievable. You can pick everything you want, but I just had the worst abdomen ache and my roommate had genuinely negative diarrhea and vomiting. He had to consider pills from the team medical professional, which thankfully calmed him down a bit.

On Monday I only ate porridge and h2o for breakfast and then 50 % a baguette and h2o for lunch. It is really not the regular pre-competitiveness meal, but my stomach feels dreadful.

I also have a seriously negative chilly from the air conditioning in our apartment. I sniff and cough a good deal, it hurts to swallow and I cough up phlegm.

Humidity and air conditioning alongside one another are a killer combination. I know that some of the nations I have been to have really great top quality air conditioners that remove the dampness. But our apartment is at this time either a refrigerator or a sauna.

One of the other fellas in the apartment has a sore throat far too. It can be absolutely not Covid due to the fact I have a PCR test every morning and they maintain coming back again destructive.

It can be not suitable preparation, but I assume it’s just one of the issues that can occur when you go to a overseas state.

But hey, it is the Olympics. Even if I shed a leg, I will however contend. I tore my hamstring this 12 months and had ample injuries without the need of it stopping me, so it is not going to.

I’ve seen some issues about the food stuff up in Sapporo, where the marathon and working walks choose position. To be truthful, I just feel sorry for everyone up there for completely missing out on the comprehensive Olympic knowledge.

They have been also marketed a desire wrong mainly because they had been advised their races would not take location in Tokyo simply because it was cooler and fewer humid up there. But it can be exactly the similar temperature.

They postponed the longest races to incredibly early in the day to try to brave the heat, but that just means the contestants are worn out and very hot instead than warn and very hot.

Back in the Village, I observed a visible adjust in people seeking to have compact functions right after they concluded the competitors.