Faculty Station waives winter storm restore allow charges till March 7

COLLEGE STATION, TX – City of College Station’s planning and development services are waiving the required permit fees for repairs in residential or commercial areas related to the recent winter storm.

How do I get the waiver?

  1. Apply via the city’s online approval system, eTRAKIT, right HERE
  2. Select “2021 Winter Storm Repair” as the approval type and then the appropriate sub-type for the repair.

The permit fee exemption applies to applications by March 7th.

Work that is not related to storm damage is not qualified.

Homeowners and contractors should also apply for the appropriate type of permit for this work via eTRAKIT.

In addition, the city requires contractors to register before receiving approval. When registering, the contractors must provide:

  • Copy of state license.
  • Insurance certificate.
  • Registration fee.
  • Completed registration form for contractors.

A homeowner can also get planning permission to work on a building that they own and live in as a homestead. However, licensed contractors must obtain electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits.

According to the College Station website, permits are required for:

  • Construction of a new structure or modification or repair of an existing structure, including replacement of roofing and windows. Exceptions are cosmetic repairs, including wall cladding, which do not alter the components.
  • Install, modify, or repair a plumbing system. Exceptions are unlocking a drain line unless a trap, drain, waste, or vent pipe is removed and replaced with new material. An installation permit is also required to install, modify, enlarge, or repair a gas pipeline system.
  • Installation of electrical cables, appliances, devices, fixtures and electrical equipment, except for replacing fuses, snap switches and signal transmission systems.
  • Install, modify, repair, or replace a mechanical system. Exceptions are the installation of portable heaters and cooling units, as well as the replacement of smaller parts that do not change the approval of devices or make them unsafe.