DTEK plans to repair 6 TPP power units by end of heating season

Within 82 days before the end of the heating season, DTEK intends to repair six more power units of thermal power plants (TPPs) in addition to the four already repaired since the beginning of the autumn-winter period.

“We have already repaired four TPP units, and in these 82 days we plan to repair six more units to ensure reliable power generation,” the company said on Telegram on Tuesday.

The energy holding also clarified that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the company’s repair teams have resumed electricity supply for 6.7 million Ukrainians.

As reported, during the first half of the heating season, or in 90 days, the energy holding managed, in addition to restoring equipment after shelling, to repair four power units of thermal power plants, put eight new longwalls into operation, and also supported not only its own, but also state-owned thermal power plants with fuel by shipping them 120,000 tonnes of coal at the end of 2022.