COVID-19 restrictions result in ‘anxious’ delays for individuals with furnace issues – Calgary

Dmitri Bakanov was in a race against the weather on Monday while working on an unexpected oven repair for a customer in northwest Calgary.

“It’s a non-heat situation, an emergency,” said Bakanov. “You’ve been in a motel for a few days.”

The repair comes as Bakanov, the owner of Heatmaster Services, faces unusual obstacles: lack of ovens and parts, a situation caused by COVID-19 distancing restrictions in factories in the United States

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The COVID-19 case forces the school in Calgary to close amid the provincial “personnel crisis”.

“They used to work shoulder to shoulder, but now the COVID means they have to work six feet apart for everything to stop.

“I’ve been in this industry for more than 16 years and this is the first time we’ve suffered from a shortage of so many products. It is stressful. “

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It’s also difficult for a Calgary man waiting for a new oven after an inspection showed he needed one, a job slated for later this week.

“I have two fireplaces to use and I have some space heaters, but it will be quite nerve-wracking to get the new stove in,” said Todd White.

“It’s a little frustrating, but considering what we’re going through, at least I’m glad I can get something.”

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Alberta reports 898 new cases of COVID-19, 4 more deaths since Friday

The delays can last a while as furnace factories try to find ways to speed up production.

“Now they’re coming back, but there’s so much demand that they can’t keep up,” said Bakanov.

Bakanov faced many calls from customers without heat and said he was doing his best to help them.

“We’re going to put space heaters around the house to keep them warm for a week or two,” Bakanov said.

“Whatever it is, until we get something firmer and (get the job done) and keep our customers warm in these cold times in Calgary.”

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