Bryan ISD School Board Starts The Process Of Selecting Who Will Install Millions In New Heating/Air Conditioning Systems – WTAW

Image produced by Bryan ISD.

In November 2020, voters in Bryan ISD approved a $175 million dollar bond issue.

Work has yet to be started on mechanical, engineering, and plumbing services.

The BISD school board at its January 17 meeting approved a committee’s ranking of interested firms.

The board still has to select a design firm who will do an undisclosed portion of what bond promotional materials estimated was $59 million dollars of priority maintenance.

Construction director Paul Buckner said 90 percent of the work involves heating and air conditioning systems.

Buckner also brought up that selecting a design firm is different that the traditional route of seeking bids.

Board member Leo Gonzalez asked Buckner what happens after the board finalizes who gets the contract.

Buckner went over again the board’s previous decision against seeking bids, was due to the complexity of the project that will impact nearly every BISD building.

Click below for comments from the January 17, 2023 Bryan ISD school board meeting.