Broken gas line during furnace theft leaves suspects unconscious: Winnipeg police


An attempted furnace theft was foiled by a broken gas line, leaving two suspects unconscious, Winnipeg police said.

The Winnipeg Police Service said officers responded to a report of a break and enter on Oct. 30 at around 5:30 p.m. in the 500 block of Stella Avenue.

Police said they received information about two suspects trying to steal a furnace from a vacant property. There were also reports of a natural gas smell outside of the property.

When officers arrived, they confirmed the smell of propane coming from the home and discovered two unconscious men inside.

The men regained consciousness after they were taken outside to be assessed and treated by paramedics.

Winnipeg police believe a gas line was dislodged while the men were trying to steal the furnace and the men were overcome by the fumes.

Manitoba Hydro repaired the damage.

Two men, both in their forties, were detained by police and later released with no charges.