Broken Arrow Firefighters Provide Smoke Detector Repair Services

The Broken Arrow Fire Department will be working to check smoke detectors in a neighborhood where a fire killed three people last Saturday.

Firefighters spent the day visiting about 100 homes at Broken Arrow’s Camino Villa neighborhood to repair and install hundreds of smoke detectors. 

“I think the fire department is doing a fine job myself… Broken Arrow is a great town to live in,” Resident Mike Teague said. 

Teague lives in the Camino Villa neighborhood, the same place where a fire killed three people and badly hurt another, just a week ago. 

Deputy Fire Chief Phil Reid says his department started this event four years ago after another fatal house fire.

Those tragedies are what Reid says pushes his team to put on this event, so that another disaster is prevented. 

“That just gave us the incentive, we need to start knocking on doors,” Reid said. 

Last year the department installed 129 smoke detectors and replaced 115 batteries.

Reid says this small device, the size of your hand, can make the difference in getting out alive.

“It’s such a tragedy whenever we have a loss of life,” Reid said. “So, what we do is we go out and we highly encourage these people, don’t take this for granted. Smoke detectors can save your life.” 

Teague says he’s been meaning to replace his smoke detector for a while but says he just couldn’t find the time.

Now, he’s got his peace of mind back, and at no cost at all.

“Hard to do all the time for an old man…They’re doing a good job as far as I’m concerned,” Teague said. 

Reid says it’s important for everyone to change their smoke detectors batteries regular and have one in every room in the house.

You can also call the number (918) 295-8360 if you live in Broken Arrow and would like the fire department to check your smoke detector.