Boca Raton Air Conditioning Repair Shares Preventative Maintenance Programs for Optimal A/C Systems

March 15, 2022 – Boca Raton Air Conditioning Repair is pleased to announce its latest set of preventive maintenance tips that have proved useful in extending the lives of Air Conditioners. These measures are especially recommended for residents in South Florida.

An A/C system is more like an automobile when it comes to fine-tuning it regularly to prevent breakdowns. Breakdowns during emergency situations can prove costly, so it is advisable to spend a little effort beforehand to save costly dollars and time when the emergency strikes. 

“From our experience, we can say that taking preventative measures in time can go into savings of valuable money in the long run, while also preventing avoidable headaches,” says a spokesperson for Boca Raton Air Conditioning Repair.

Elaborating further, the Boca Raton team says that an easy way is to create a checklist of A/C maintenance services to be done regularly. This can be considered the start of preventive maintenance. Now many of these items are easy and can be done as DIY, but some may require professional help. For instance, clearing, priming, and testing drain lines or checking refrigerant levels. The checklist will also include items like cleaning or changing filters, ensuring electrical connections are tight, rinsing of condenser coils, and other adjustments and inspections.

In South Florida, it is an ideal practice to change air filters between 30-90 days. The drain lines that were built in the 1970s or 80s are now old, and thus the water circulation to the A/C system requires inspection. Cleaning the drain lines every six months is an ideal practice to get rid of excess condensation, algae, or plaque.

“Preventative Maintenance Programs such as above keep A/C systems running at their peak efficiency. Regularly scheduled visits have a proven record of reducing expensive repairs and ensuring A/C systems are optimizing their consumption of electricity,” says the Boca Raton spokesperson.

The lives of A/C systems can be extended by 3-5 years by simply carrying out regular maintenance checkups. The procured benefits are several: prolong the life of the A/C, optimize its efficiency and energy consumption, improve indoor air quality (IAQ), stay compliant with warranty conditions, and reduce future breakdowns. 

Boca Raton recommends a six-month frequency of regular preventive maintenance of A/C systems. At least once a year is certainly necessary, and components such as air filters or drain lines may require a routine inspection every three months.

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