Billie Eilish Sends Her Custom Dodge Challenger To The Shop For Repair And Wraps

Some celebrities may have a collection of fancy cars in their garage – others may not a great collection to show, but since they’re still celebrities, any car they have also reaches a certain level of fame.

It’s been years since Billie Eilish acquired her Dodge Challenger on Instagram; since then, she has been occasionally sharing its pictures on Instagram, making many believe that this car is so meaningful to her.

For those wondering where Billie’s Challenger is now, it is currently at famed auto shop RDB LA on YouTube waiting for some repairs and an exterior touch-ups.

Repairing And Refreshing Billie Eilish’s Custom Dodge Challenger

Named “Baby Mama”, this Dodge Challenger is Billie’s first car, which she received from her record label when she turned 17, since, Billie has been giving Baby Mama special treatment, even to the point that she had it featured prominently in her music video for the song “Everything I Wanted.”

As a five-year-old car though, the Challenger has already suffered from some problems.

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In the latest video that RDB LA posted on LA, the Dodge Challenger is waiting for its turn at the busy shop – Billie’s father apparently brought the matte black Challenger to the famed as it was having some issues and needed a fresh exterior.

According to the RDB LA, the Challenger had spent a lot of time outside.

They even joked that the muscle car has damage everywhere because it went underwater, referring to a scene in the “Everything I Wanted” music video.

Non-Stop Customer Jobs At Custom Shop RDB LA

BMW 640 damage, black, front side view Via: YouTube via RDB LA

RDB LA plans for Billie’s Dodge Challenger include taking the current wrap off, they will then proceed to repair any damage that the car has.

Then, they will re-spray the Challenger with its original color – gloss black – making sure that the car would look like it came fresh from the factory, afterwards, they will wrap the car in satin clear bra for a fresh new look.

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For a shop that is as famous as RDB LA, it’s not surprising that they’re very busy – among the cars featured in the shop’s video include a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that’s receiving a new green wrap and white wheels.

The shop also showed a newly black-wrapped Bentley Mulsanne, and in addition, the shop is currently repairing the AC system of a Jaguar, and is trying to fix a couple of badly damaged BMWs.

RDB LA also unboxed newly arrived bumper kit for a McLaren and a body kit and wheels for a Rolls-Royce.

Source: RDB LA via YouTube