Avoid HVAC issues by planning proactive maintenance on your system

There are a few things that happen every autumn that still seem to catch some people by surprise.

They include the turning back of the clocks, the arrival of cold weather, and the inevitable day the HVAC system gets switched over from air conditioning mode to furnace mode.

Unfortunately, that last one often comes with further surprises – strange noises, weird smells, inefficient heating, or even worse, no heat at all coming through the vents.

During a recent weekend in October, for example, when temperatures began to dip across Ontario, Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning received more than a dozen calls from homeowners panicked about what happened when they went to fire up their furnaces.

It’s an unfortunate reality for many people suddenly faced with the fact the key component in their HVAC system is not operating properly. That’s something the professionals at Oosterveld hope to change by encouraging homeowners to take proactive steps towards maintaining not only their furnace but all their HVAC system components.

“We’re suggesting that homeowners consider the benefits of our Home Comfort Program,” said Jennifer Dunsmoor, Marketing Director for Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning. “It’s really a service agreement that runs all year long and gives clients the benefit of seasonal inspections to eliminate any unwanted surprises.”

According to Dunsmoor, the Home Comfort Program was developed as a protection plan for homeowners, whether they’re buying a new furnace or simply trying to avoid issues with their current system.

“It’s really designed to give peace of mind to a homeowner who has invested in their home or invested in a new unit,” said Dunsmoor. “Signing on to the plan is a proactive step rather than a reactive step.”

Although Oosterveld is a certified Lennox dealer, Dunsmoor said any homeowner can sign up for the plan regardless of the type of furnace or air conditioner currently operational in the home. For less than the price of a daily cup of coffee, plan members will receive an annual inspection of both the furnace and the air conditioner.

While the experts at Oosterveld recommend a scheduled inspection with each season change, Dunsmoor said many people are satisfied with a spring/summer and fall/winter inspection that coincides with cooling and heating changes inside the home.

“The plan gives customers priority service when issues arise,” she said. “Depending on the season, that can mean faster service despite a high volume of calls from people having similar issues with their furnace.

The Home Comfort Plan is one of the many positive impact programs available from Oosterveld, a company recognized for doing great things in the community.

For example, Oosterveld recently completed its Feel the Love initiative, which offered the community a chance to nominate someone to receive a fully installed free Lennox furnace system. The prize when to a local front line worker in Guelph.

With the page now turning to November, the time is right for homeowners to be proactive and sign up for the Oosterveld Home Comfort Plan. Learn more by visiting Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning online at www.oosterveldheating.com.