Armstrong Fluid Technology: Three keys to lower HVAC costs – Products & Suppliers

Motor Efficiency – Permanent Magnet motor technology reduces efficiency losses, for improved performance and efficiency. Why is this important? Compared to standard induction motors, the latest Permanent Magnet motors deliver an efficiency improvement of 3-12% at full load and even more under part load. The difference in lifetime energy costs could be over a thousand dollars! Just from the motor choice on one pump!!

Remote Performance Tracking with Alerts – Most pump control systems support variable-speed operation, but they don’t provide web-based alerts or notifications of changes to settings. Why is this important? In buildings around the world, untold numbers of variable speed pumps have been set to ‘In-hand’ mode and accidentally left operating at constant speed – a huge waste of energy. The latest cloud-based services for performance tracking can send alerts for common issues including changes to settings, such as a pump set to ‘In-hand’ mode.  Pump Manager helps to ensure you get the full benefit of the pump operating at the best possible efficiency levels. If there’s a problem, you’ll hear about it.

Parallel Pumping – Even if there’s no need for redundancy, parallel pumping using Parallel Sensorless Pump Control (PSPC) is the way to go. On top of the energy savings from variable speed, you’ll save an extra 30% on your pump energy costs by using efficiency-based staging. 

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