Apple Wants To Put Air Conditioning Technology In Its VR Headset

The challenge with wearables this sort of as headphones or headsets is that they are not usually created for extended periods of don and can grow to be unpleasant. Nonetheless, Apple is searching for methods to make them more at ease, dependent at least on a patent found out by AppleInsider pertaining to the company’s rumored VR headset.

In accordance to the patent, Apple sees a single of the approaches to make sure consumer consolation is to borrow air conditioners. Apple just isn’t heading to put air conditioning in the VR headset itself, although that would be pretty neat (the two virtually and figuratively).

The patent description states: “Head-mounted equipment are an eye-catching technology for an immersive user working experience,” claims the patent software. As with other electronic products, head-mounted gadgets can use a cooling procedure based on air circulation to maintain digital components at the wished-for operating temperatures. “

On the other hand, since it can be a patent, it can be really hard to tell if Apple will actually use this technological know-how or if they are just considering about it. So far, Apple has not specially described anything about the progress of headsets, even though we’ve read rumors that the VR headset could hit the current market both later on this yr or upcoming yr, in which it could cost up to $ 3,000.

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