An Expert Explains When It’s Time To Change Your HVAC System

Eliminating environmentally-harmful products that negatively affect the earth’s atmosphere has been an important yet gradual process across the globe. As we learn of items that are not eco-friendly, it may take a while for them to disappear from consumer circulation, especially if the product is already in the household. 

With regard your air conditioning, there is a certain ozone-harming gas that may be present in older units which should be replaced. Known as R-22, this particular hydrocarbon refrigerant was often blended with butane or propane and is very flammable, as well as harmful to the environment and those in your home, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. “Many systems before 2010 use R-22, which is no longer produced,” Chris Forbus reveals. “This means that the cost will continue skyrocketing as supplies dry up. If you find your system in need of refrigerant in the middle of summer, you may wish you had replaced the system earlier.” 

As part of an ongoing effort to protect the environment, certain substances such as R-22 would be banned for use globally in compliance with the Montreal Protocol. If you suspect that your older HVAC system may still be using this gas — or you just want to play it safe — it would be worth your while to have it inspected by a licensed professional.