Air conditioning issues in Ford/Lincoln trucks

The air conditioning on some 2007-08 4.6 or 5.4 liter Ford F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT pickups may possibly halt functioning if the ambient temperature is higher than 110 ° F.

According to Ford, the ailment generally occurs when the automobile has been caught in bumper-to-bumper visitors for at minimum 15 minutes with the gearbox engaged and the PCM deliberately disengaging the compressor clutch to defend the compressor from injury has detected substantial ambient temperatures.

Replacing the A / C compressor pulley, drinking water pump pulley, and heater core heater hose clamp close to the proper / entrance portion of the motor with reworked parts is the only surefire way. All are intended to offer additional cooling to the A / C technique immediately after the compressor clutch is engaged.

Right here are the part figures for the redesigned areas: Compressor Washer (7C3Z-19D784-A), H2o Pump Washer (F6TZ-8509-AA), Heater Main Hose Clamp (W709811-S900).