Air conditioning installation approved at portions of Shaler Area High School, Middle School

During the Shaler Place College Board meetings in September, conversations were being held about including air conditioning to components of the substantial college and IT space for the middle school.

The expense to install the air conditioning is $ 958,000.

The motion was passed seven to two, with board users Tim Gapsky and Suzanna Donahue voting from setting up air conditioning in the high school.

In the large school, air conditioning will be set up in Health club A, the secondary gym and the ring space, and in the middle university it will be set up in the IT server room.

“I just think the revenue could have been greater expended on air conditioning other lecture rooms in other universities in the district,” said Gapsky. “I only see it as a wish and not as a necessity. There are 240 classrooms in the district that really don’t have air conditioning – $ 432,000 for a health and fitness center is very costly. “

At present the only completely air-conditioned school in the district is the new Scott Key Faculty. As before long as the approved installations at the superior college have been done, this setting up will also be completely air-conditioned.

Faculty board president James Tunstall hinted at the meeting that the plan was to quit just one school, in this situation large school, and move on to the up coming.

“I regard my other board associates for their conclusion,” explained Gapsky.

Other products passed through the next board assembly in September bundled acceptance for the girls’ volleyball staff to journey to Condition School, Pennsylvania for a tournament in October and the resignation of small business training trainer Lisa Megliorino, who Elementary school assistant Cheryl Mongelluzzo and a element-time caretaker Mark Heslet.

The future college board assembly will be held October 13th at the Shaler Place Middle College Library on Mt. Royal Blvd.

Cindy Alexander is a writer at Trib Full Media.