Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair Services in Huntley IL | Featured

The time to wait is up, the temperatures are rising every day. Soon, summer heat will be in full blast, which means getting your air conditioner fixed can no longer be put off. 

To find the best service available, here are a few things to look for: 

Certifications and Experience: 

You wouldn’t take your bicycle to a car mechanic, would you? The same can be said for HVAC repair. Before you commit to a service from someone, you want to make sure they are certified to repair and experienced in the type of HVAC you have. Some units are more complex than others, so finding any repairman won’t be enough. Check this link to know how to find the best HVAC services near your area. 

There is a list of certifications required to work with HVAC systems. Some are required by the state, and others are not. When finding the right repair technician, you want to find someone who is certified in repairs, as well as experienced with the type of unit you have.

Air Quality Inspection

Not all companies provide an air quality inspection. This can be a health hazard for your family. Air quality issues have been known to lead to serious health problems. If the air quality isn’t inspected by a qualified professional, it could cause anything from an increase in airborne allergens to a build-up of mold and mildew. 

The health benefits of getting an air quality inspection aren’t the only reason to make this a priority. Inspections can also ensure maximum comfort in your home. The inspection can help pinpoint problem areas in your HVAC system that make living in the home uncomfortable, such as too high or too low levels of humidity. High humidity can make you feel sticky, whereas too low of humidity can cause dry skin and static electricity. 

If you are concerned about air contaminants, an expansive overview of all the air pollutants that might be affecting your home.  


When your unit isn’t working properly, it can lead to an increase in energy usage in your house. If you are seeing an increase in energy usage, it could be a good sign you need something repaired. When looking for an appropriate repair service, make sure energy-saving techniques are a part of their priority. 

Not only do energy-saving products save you money, but it is also a great way to do your part in helping the whole world. HVAC systems can use materials that are hazardous to the environment. Because of this, the Environmental Protection Agency has required certain certifications for working with those materials. Companies who are compliant with the EPA’s guidelines and focus on these energy-saving units will save you money and energy usage. 

Preventative Maintenance

You don’t want to wait for your AC unit to break before you call a repair service. A lot of costly repairs can be avoided by maintaining your HVAC units. These services keep the unit running efficiently, making sure they are not pulling more energy than is required. Preventative measures can also keep the air quality in your home higher by keeping the unit clean and running well. 

Preventative maintenance offers cleaning and inspecting of all parts of the unit that can keep your unit running properly for much longer. Companies that offer preventative maintenance, such as places like AC repair in the Huntley IL area, keep your unit running efficiently for longer. When you find companies that offer these services, you will have fewer repairs in the future. Not every technician is experienced at these types of services, so make sure you find the right company to take care of your unit. 

Repair and maintenance of your HVAC units should be taken seriously. The time for repairs should not come when your AC unit has gone out in the middle of a heat wave. HVAC technicians should be certified to work based on the state’s requirements and experience in the unit you have. Not all units are the same, so ask your technician before they start work if they have experience with that unit. If you are concerned about what company to use, get recommendations from other people in your area.