AD: Sheriff’s Office Seeks HVAC Bids

The  Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center.

From the Office of the
293 East 20th Street
Fort Scott, Kansas 66701
[620] 223-1440 (office) or [620] 223-0055 (fax)

The Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office (Law Enforcement Center) is taking bids that will address any and all issues with the heating, ventilation, and airconditioning (HVAC) system together with the electrical conduit related to the HVAC system or other electrical conduit that needs to be corrected, adjusted or repaired.

An inspection was conducted on August 24th, 2021 finding the following issues that need to be addressed, including but not limited to:

* Numerous electrical conduits that are mounted on the roof feeding multiple pieces of mechanical equipment has threaded joint connectors that were not securely fastened and have multiple open slices causing the water inside of the conduit to freeze during the winter months.

* There are some electrical conduit connectors that have gasket access covers that were not sealed properly, or the proper material was not used.

* Most of the HVAC equipment locations have standing water in the units causing inadequate drainage.

* The HVAC systems are not changing over from heat to cool, cool to heat. The temperature has been as low as 64 degrees in the winter and as high as 80 plus degrees in the summer.

* Other issues that need to be addressed according to the inspection that was conducted on August 24, 2021. A copy of the inspection can be obtained upon request.

These are some of the issues and the bidder/contractor can make an appointment to review and inspect the area and equipment that will need to be fixed or replaced.

We ask that if your company can address all issues that you make the choice if you want to split the work in a separate bid or have a (complete) package.

We ask that the bid be broken down by line item. What item is being used for what?

The bidder/contractor will provide/present a sealed bid in person or by designee to the Board of County Commissioner. The commission will be opening bids and making the choice of contractor/bidder and during the November 30, 2021, public meeting at or around 10:00 am.

If the contractor/bidder would like to submit the bid by mail, the bid should arrive no later than the postmark date of November 26, 2021. The contractor/bidder or a designee is encouraged to attend
the Bourbon County Commission meeting,  in case there are any question(s) asked of the commission.

The bid can be mailed to the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center at 293 East 20th Street Fort Scott Kansas 66701: attention Bill Martin, Sheriff.

If you have any question, please feel free to call me at the above listed phone number.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/Wm K. Martin, Sheriff

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