53 coronavirus instances tied to outbreak at Vaughan, Ont. HVAC enterprise: well being officers

Health officials released a public notice on Friday after 53 cases of COVID-19 were linked to a workplace outbreak in Vaughan, Ont.

York area public health announced on February 3 an outbreak at Mobile Climate Control, a company that develops HVAC systems.

Of the 53 cases associated with the outbreak, 11 are from the York area, 25 from Toronto, six from the Peel area, and one person from the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph area.

According to the investigators, no COVID-19 variants have so far been identified in connection with the outbreak.

“Since the workplace is not open to the public, the risk for residents of the York area is considered to be low,” the health authorities said in the statement.

“Positive test results and information, including data on the occurrence of symptoms, are reported to the jurisdiction in which the person is located. These are then shared through further research and referrals or linked to the workplace.”

York Area Public Health conducted an on-site inspection on Feb. 8 and said it continues to identify additional cases and close contacts related to confirmed infections.

The York area was moved to the red zone of the Ontario five-step reopening framework on Monday and reported 104 COVID-19 cases on Friday.