10-year-old furnace or A/C? It’s time for an upgrade

A lot can change in a decade: your hairstyle, your job title, and definitely your phone (10 years ago phones on the cutting edge included the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S). Air conditioner and furnace technology has also changed a lot in 10 years, so if your heating and cooling units are over a decade old, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

“After about 10 years, most units are beyond their warranty and much more prone to breakdowns,” says Ted Fox, owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical in Vernon. “Older units are also much less energy efficient, so an upgrade can mean significant savings.”

The dangers of an aging AC or failing furnace

  • Extreme heat can be an extreme hazard: Since the heat dome of 2021, many British Columbians are justifiably nervous whenever they see hot weather in the forecast. While temperatures in the 30s can be uncomfortable, temperatures near 40 degrees Celsius can be deadly — and that’s no time for your air conditioner to break down. “Parts and wiring can also deteriorate over time, increasing the chance of sparks or excessive heat which may lead to fire,” Fox says.
  • Poor air quality: Bacteria, fungi, dust and pollen can accumulate inside your furnace or air conditioner over time. Newer systems can also do a better job of regulating humidity and cleaning the air you breathe. “With good indoor air quality, our family doesn’t have to get sick every time one of my kids brings a cold home from school,” Fox says.
  • Inconvenience isn’t attractive: You may be able to put up with an old thermostat, but potential buyers of your home may be less patient. While there’s no direct evidence that air conditioner and furnace upgrades will increase your resale value, a programmable, smart-control heating and cooling system is certainly attractive to many home buyers. “It’s always better to fine-tune the temperature rather than drastically heat or cool the whole house, and a smart thermostat makes that a lot easier,” Fox says.

If both your furnace and air conditioner are over 10 years old, replacing them at the same time offers a number of benefits. You’ll save on installation fees, and can improve efficiency by installing a ‘matching set.’ Plus Fox is celebrating ‘Freebruary’ with a spectacular Two-Fur deal: receive a FREE FURNACE when you purchase a new air conditioner! Sly foxes will definitely pounce on this deal, back for a limited time.

Wrap a Van for a Cause wraps up

The second annual Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical program to ‘Wrap a Van for a Cause!’ just concluded, with Vernon’s Animal Auxiliary Thrift Store crowned champion. The charity receives free promotion on one of Fox’s service vans, and a portion of the proceeds from that service van through 2023!

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